Korean Fashion

November 30, 2009 | Author: Shauna Vo As far as fashion goes in Korea, we now know why Korea doesn’t have a fashion capital like New York City, Tokyo, Milan or Paris. Although they might dress well in Seoul, the rest of Korea has a distinct fashion. Let’s start with the men. Korean men love shiny suits and sparkling ties. Click here to read more on

Fashion. Entertainment. Sports.

November 26, 2009 | Author: Shauna Vo It seems that Korea is about 10-20 years behind that of America or any western country in the pop culture scene. Boy bands, girl groups, tights with stirrups, baggy t-shirts, high-top Converse or Reebok shoes are still in existent in Korea. These are not necessarily bad things; it just takes me back to being in junior high or even elementary school again. Click here to read more on

Hyundai City

November 25, 2009 | Author: Randy Pulayya Ulsan is a unique city that is located on the south eastern coast of Korea and is also know as Hyundai City. Hyundai is the heart of Ulsan and Korea. Hyundai is everywhere from Hyundai cars, Hyundai Bus, Hyundai department store, Hyundai health care products and etc. Hyundai put Ulsan on the map for being the wealthiest cities in Korea. Click here to read more on

Celebrity Status

November 5, 2009 | Author: Shauna Vo We are like superstars in Korea! Well, Randy is more of a celebrity than I am because I look like everyone here. He gets the stares and the random “I love you” from strangers. When we are walking together, you can imagine what people are thinking. Click here to read more on

Sights, Sounds and Smells

October 15, 200 | Author: Shauna Vo Korea has a distinct smell to it. I don’t mean to complain or give Korea generalizations. These observations have been from my time so far here in Ulsan. Everyday Randy and I have a 20 minute walk to school. We walk about half way together and then part ways. On our way to school, we pass several interesting sights and smells. Click here to read more on

Getting Settled and Discovering Korea

October 14, 2009 | Author: Randy Pulayya It has been almost two months since we arrived to Korea and we are finally getting adjusted to the Korean culture and way of life. One of the biggest things that we noticed is how much emphasis that the Korean government focuses on learning English. English is a main subject in Korean schools, along with the regular subjects such as science, math and social studies. A typical middle school student starts his or her day at 7am and ends by 4pm. Click here to read more on

Our First Meal in Our New Hometown

September 18, 2009 | Author: Randy Pulayya As we explored our neighborhood in the new downtown area of Ulsan, we were overwhelmed with the number of family restaurants. The smell of kimchi filled the streets of Korea as we walked to find a place to eat. Click here to read more on

Sightseeing in Korea

Teaching in Korea

Teaching in Korea